Finding Vintage Campers Online

You get plenty of diversity when it comes time to choose a vintage camper too; you can shop around online to compare vintage style camper offerings as well as prices.


About Vintage Camper

Vintage campers are those that were manufactured anytime between 1940 and 1960.  A vintage camper has a unique look and appeal.  Some people like to restore vintage camper selections as a hobby and others like to restore and sell them.  Economically, you will find that a vintage camper is affordable, and that vintage camper parts are fairly easy to come by; this means they are equally easy to maintain over the long term.  Some of the most popular vintage camper models are offered from manufacturers like Airstream®, Shasta®, GMC®, Prairie Schooner®, Avion®, Silver Streak®, Alma®, Spartan®, Royals International®, Field & Stream®, Fiesta®, Serro Scotty®, Little Gem®, Trail Blazer®, Westcraft®, and Vagabond®.  Prices will vary depending on size, interior inclusions, exterior design, and the intensity of restoration.

You will discover that the quality and look of a vintage camper varies; when viewing vintage camper photos you will see that vintage camper trailers are commonly crafted of high quality aluminum and wood.  The interior is also made of attractive wood materials.  Some vintage campers come with pop-up tents, while others are large and spacious.  The type of vintage campers for sale that will suit your needs will be highly dependent on how much you plan to use the vintage camper trailer as well as how many individuals you expect to accommodate when traveling.

When you shop around for attractive vintage camper trailers online, make sure you make a point of going to the seller’s location to get a view of the interior and exterior of the camper in person.  Take a look at what appliances are included and make sure you inspect the plumbing as well as the appliances.  Take a close look that the camper’s exterior to make sure that the framework is solid and in good condition too.  Inspect the camper’s tires, and make sure you question the seller about the history of the camper that you want to buy.

Finding Vintage Camper Options

Vintage Campers

Vintage Campers is a company located at 2574 South Strawtown Pike in Peru, Indiana.  If you are looking for a vintage camper, this company has a wide array of vintage campers for sale.  You can view vintage camper photos on the company's website and live links are presented so that you can find out more details about the different vintage style camper offerings.  For each vintage camper trailer you are supplied information about the exterior, interior, running gear, furnishings, electrical components, the LP system, plumbing, and special and/or miscellaneous features.  The company also sells vintage camper parts and accessories, and they buy vintage camper trailers too.  For more information visit offers you an assortment of vintage campers to choose from when you are shopping for a vintage camper.  This company sells models by Airstream® including the 1958 vintage Airstream® Traveler, the 1965 Vintage Airstream® Overlander, the 1963 Vintage Airstream® Bambi, the 1963 Airstream® Tradewind, and the 1966 Airstream® Tradewind.  You can also get a vintage camper from Rolls International®, Field & Stream®, GMC®, Shasta®, Alijo®, Fiesta®, and others.  You can view vintage camper photos so you can compare the different vintage style campers on offer.  This company is located in Temecula, California.  For more information visit

YNot Camper Restoration

YNot Camper Restoration is a company located at 3640 Page Avenue, in Jackson, Michigan.  Current vintage campers on offer include the 2010 Retro®, 1977 Serro® Scotty, 1973 Serro® Scotty, 1962 Shasta® 19', 1962 Shasta® 16', 1961 Shasta®, 1960 Trail Blazer, 1959 Shasta®, 1957 Little Gem®, and the 1957 Airstream® 18'.  Vintage camper photos are offered on the website and the company offers you a portfolio online so that you can view the results of their restoration services.  For more information visit

More Vintage Campers For Sale


eBay® is an online auction site where you can bid on vintage campers for sale by private sellers.  You can find a vintage camper like those made by Avion®, Airstream®, Serro Scotty®, and more.  Many private sellers offer vintage camper photos of the vintage campers for sale too.  You can read a description of the vintage style camper and new listings for vintage camper trailer options.  More vintage campers for sale are added regularly to the site.  You can use this site to find vintage camper parts for vintage camper trailers as well.  For more information visit:

Vintage Camper Trailers

Vintage Camper Trailers is a company that preserves and collects vintage campers manufactured in the 1940s to the 1960s.  The company is owned and operated by Paul and Caroline Lacitinola, and the company is located in Oregon.  Presently, they have a number of vintage campers for sale including a 1948 Westcraft® Sequoia, a 1950 Vagabond®, and a 1959 Corvette®.  You can view photos of the vintage camper trailers for sale, and the company sells vintage camper parts.  For more information visit

Fletcher's Trailers, Sales, & Service

Fletcher's Trailers, Sales, & Service is owned and operated by Bill Fletcher.  This company is a second-generation, family-owned operation has been in business since the early 1960s.  The company has a number of restored models including the 1948-49 Prairie® Schooner, the 1959 Trottwood®, the 54 Nashua® 30+, the 52 Alma® Tandem, and the 1975 Royals International®.  You can also find parts for trailers including lights, drawer pulls, lenses, compartment door latches, glass interior lighting, burner cook tops, locks, gas model refrigerators, electrical inlets, air conditioning shrouds, sinks, stoves, ovens, no draft vents, toilet parts, and more.  For more information visit